Well, we are finally back in the CoBACH Center as of April 1, 2019.

Back in the early fall of 2018, there was a significant rainfall and the basement of the CoBACH Center ended up with standing water. This water caused damage to the storage area of the Players and we were compelled to remove all of the things we had stored in the building. It is unfortunate that we had been asked to clear out our previous storage area and all that equipment had been brought to the CoBACH. After a damage assessment by the City of Brighton, we along with the other members of the CoBACH (Brighton Area Historical Society and the Brighton Art Guild) were asked to clear everything out of the building until the building could be cleaned and the environmental impact of the damage could be fixed. It took awhile, with our short staffing, but we were able to clear the building.

The closing of the CoBACH impacted our fall 2018 show. The City was not able to give a date that anyone could be back in the building and while we waited for word we continued pre production. We got word the building would definitely not be available about a week before the show was scheduled to open. The Brighton Lions Club graciously offered us a venue for the production, but because we were unable to effectively get the word out of the change in venue, it cost us.

Because of the closing of the CoBACH, with no clear opening day in site, we were forced to cancel our annual production of HO HO Holidays. This disappointed not only us and our partners in the Girl Scouts but also families who have been coming to see Santa at the CoBACH for years. We are planning on being back this year with elves, music, crafts, and Santa. We hope to see everyone in December.

This year our History Alive production is “Votes for Women, Yea or Nay”, the fight for the 19th Amendment. We are working with the Brighton Area Historical Society in their summer long presentation of Michigan’s involvement and ratification of women’s suffrage. We will be presenting a show which will depict a debate on the issues of why women should or should not get the vote. Much like our presentation of “Politics as Usual” with Mark Twain and Will Rogers, we will explore the issues of the day and see how some arguments in politics have changed little over the years. Tickets for this production will still be $10 per person and ticket sales will begin on line and at the CoBACH one month before the show dates. Show dates are July 12, 13, 19, and 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm; matinee performances will be Sunday July 14 & 21 at 3:00 pm, at the CoBACH Center, 202 West Main Street, here in Brighton.

2017 and Brighton's OWN Livingston Players are ready!

Thanks to each and every person who attended one of our events in 2016!  Was it music that brought you in?    or Fairies?   or perhaps Santa or some very interesting HISTORY presentations?  Whatever brought you to the beautiful historic CoBACH building and to the 'Brighton's Own Livingston Players' home, we thank you for your support.   As the longest existing theater group in Livingston County, we appreciate the support of the community in continuing our entertainment commitment to Brighton and surrounding communities.   Whatever you are looking for in stage performance, you can find in Livingston County.  Musical theater (so many to choose from)  Mystery (there are great shows every year)......Comedy?   Highschool performances?  Dinner Theater?  you can find it all.   Stop by the CoBACH building Tuesday thru Sunday to see the displays that are ever changing.    We are looking forward to 2017 and all the fun that community theater can bring.   We invite you to join us (the application is on this website) and find the fun in community theater for you and your family.   Happy New Year! 

HoHoHoliday returns for 8th year!

It's that time again, and we just can't wait for you to join us with the 2016 HoHoHolidays at the beautiful Historic CoBACH building on Main Street.  Tickets are on sale no (and going fast) for this fun filled time for your under-10 age children.   They will make-and-take a Holiday craft, hear a Christmas story, Sing some songs with the puppets and have their very own visit with Santa!  You don't have to fight the parking at the mall, or deal with the crowds.....just come to our event, and relax and enjoy the season with your child.   Bring your camera to get your own pictures with Santa himself.  Bring your list of wishes for the presents you want to find under the tree, or just visit with Santa and tell him how good you've been.  Take a family shot with the old guy, and you'll still have time to make some cards for friends and family.  It's a fun fill time that you and your child will enjoy.  We're working hard on turning the CoBACH building into a wonderland for this Christmas experience.  Each child attending must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult as well that will remain in the building for the event.   We look so forward to this beautiful event each year.....families wait and return each year to meet with our Santa.  No muss,  No fuss, just a hometown event on MAIN STREET that you will enjoy as part of your downtown experience.  See you at the CoBACH Center on December 3,4,10,11,17,and 18 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 (at the latest).... tickets will be sold at the door if there is any space available...but don't be disappointed....get your tickets for you and your child on line NOW on this website under PURCHASE TICKETS!  Have a happy holiday!  Join us for the fun! 


It's feeling a bit more like fall now.   Evenings are crisp and cooler, and the days are increasingly shorter.   Are you wondering what to do for your entertainment for the fall?   I suggest that you plan an evening at the beautiful historic CoBACH building in downtown brighton to see Mark Twain and Will Rogers on stage in 'Politics As Usual' this month.  You can get your tickets ON LINE at our PURCHASE TICKETS pages in this website.  Use PayPal, or your own credit card to conveniently buy your tickets from the comfort of your own home.    The small service fee is well worth the convenience.   As I sit and watch the election debates over these last few weeks, I can see that we all may be ready for some comical relief while we watch these two American humorists on stage in their own words.  Their particular commentary on the state of politics in America Today....will give you cause for pause and perhaps a different outlook at the lighter side of politics.  This is a family friendly event that can be a fun evening out for your whole family.   Join us and get your tickets early for this fun filled two act play on Oct 14/15/22/and a matinee on 23rd.    Supporting community theater in your community is a great way to support the arts!   We thank you for your support for over 50 years!  

"Politics As Usual' with Mark Twain and Will Rogers

Are you ready for the REAL story of politics in America and possibly some comments on the current election scene?  Then you won't want to miss Mark Twain and Will Rogers on stage offering their 'take' on the American Political arena!   After separate 'History Alive' performances on our stage earlier this year, these two American Icons decided to put their heads together and offer some insights.  Humor and satire will be on stage in this two act original play and be prepared to laugh and possibly scratch your chin in amazement as they 'tell it like it is'  in their own unique style.    Tickets are on sale now on this website under PURCHASE TICKETS and you can charge them to your own credit card, or use a PayPal account for convenience.  There MAY be tickets at the door, but I wouldn't count on it.    After the real debates on TV, we may all be in need of a little humor and lightheartedness.   Don't miss this show.....get your tickets soon, and be prepared to enjoy this evening of live theater right on Main Street in Downtown Brighton!  


OPEN MIC - Saturday, Sept. 10th 9:00 p.m.

Well folks, summer is just about over, and we couldn't have had a better one!   Brighton's Own Livingston Players kinda lay low during the summer, but as fall hits, we will 'hit the ground running' with our Annual Open Mic night on Saturday, September 10th at 9:00 p.m.   Sign up for acoustic musicians will begin at 8:00 p.m. and the slots fill up quickly, so we are expecting a full slate of top notch - local entertainment on board for this night.    This is one of our FAMILY FRIENDLY events that has NO COST to attend.  The Downtown BBQ and Blues Fest will be on, so it's a good time to come and take a seat and enjoy the local talent and take a break.  The rockin' blues will be going on till midnight, and we end at 11:00 p.m., so there's plenty of time to take in the fun at the historic CoBACH building.   Come on over to 202 W. Main Street (sideways across the street from the Yum Yum Tree Ice Cream Parlor!)........ and experience Main Street music at it's best.  Performers may be comedy?  music?   groups?  acapella?  you name it.  They get 15 minutes each or three songs, and at 11:00 p.m. we draw a name out of the hat (of all performers) and award our Lucky Dray cash prize!!!!   We look forward to this every year, and we hope you will too.  So put the word out there for us......we'll have posters around town, and plenty of space in our little building to have some fun!   See you at the OPEN MIC! 

Will Rogers opens to full house! Tickets still available for June 4,10 and 11

What a great night!   Will Rogers opened on June 3, to a great reception from the audience.   For almost 2 hours, they listened to the wit and wisdom of this American Icon on our stage!  Tickets are still available for the remaining shows on Saturday, June 4th, Friday, June 10th and 11th.   This fourth in our HISTORY ALIVE series is a great family entertainment night-out!   You will learn so many things about this man that you may never have known.  This show is a great Fathers Day gift for the man in your life.   The opening night was followed by a ticketed 'AfterGlow' that gave those present a chance to meet the actor (Mark Meyer) the writer (Patrick Tucker) and hear the interesting 'behind the scene' stories of even more Will Rogers stories.    The good news of the evening was the announcment that when Will Rogers and Mark Twain take the stage in October, there will be an added SUNDAY MATINEE offered on Sunday, October 23rd.   This performance will take the place of the previously scheduled Friday show.   We hope this gives some of our seniors who would like a daytime performance a chance to experience HISTORY ALIVE at a more convenient time.   If you haven't gotten your tickets, they are still available on this website under PURCHASE TICKETS for a small processing fee, you can use the convenience of our on-line ticketing.  Join in the fun with theater on main street Brighton, in the downtown.