"Politics As Usual' with Mark Twain and Will Rogers

Are you ready for the REAL story of politics in America and possibly some comments on the current election scene?  Then you won't want to miss Mark Twain and Will Rogers on stage offering their 'take' on the American Political arena!   After separate 'History Alive' performances on our stage earlier this year, these two American Icons decided to put their heads together and offer some insights.  Humor and satire will be on stage in this two act original play and be prepared to laugh and possibly scratch your chin in amazement as they 'tell it like it is'  in their own unique style.    Tickets are on sale now on this website under PURCHASE TICKETS and you can charge them to your own credit card, or use a PayPal account for convenience.  There MAY be tickets at the door, but I wouldn't count on it.    After the real debates on TV, we may all be in need of a little humor and lightheartedness.   Don't miss this show.....get your tickets soon, and be prepared to enjoy this evening of live theater right on Main Street in Downtown Brighton!