Well, we are finally back in the CoBACH Center as of April 1, 2019.

Back in the early fall of 2018, there was a significant rainfall and the basement of the CoBACH Center ended up with standing water. This water caused damage to the storage area of the Players and we were compelled to remove all of the things we had stored in the building. It is unfortunate that we had been asked to clear out our previous storage area and all that equipment had been brought to the CoBACH. After a damage assessment by the City of Brighton, we along with the other members of the CoBACH (Brighton Area Historical Society and the Brighton Art Guild) were asked to clear everything out of the building until the building could be cleaned and the environmental impact of the damage could be fixed. It took awhile, with our short staffing, but we were able to clear the building.

The closing of the CoBACH impacted our fall 2018 show. The City was not able to give a date that anyone could be back in the building and while we waited for word we continued pre production. We got word the building would definitely not be available about a week before the show was scheduled to open. The Brighton Lions Club graciously offered us a venue for the production, but because we were unable to effectively get the word out of the change in venue, it cost us.

Because of the closing of the CoBACH, with no clear opening day in site, we were forced to cancel our annual production of HO HO Holidays. This disappointed not only us and our partners in the Girl Scouts but also families who have been coming to see Santa at the CoBACH for years. We are planning on being back this year with elves, music, crafts, and Santa. We hope to see everyone in December.

This year our History Alive production is “Votes for Women, Yea or Nay”, the fight for the 19th Amendment. We are working with the Brighton Area Historical Society in their summer long presentation of Michigan’s involvement and ratification of women’s suffrage. We will be presenting a show which will depict a debate on the issues of why women should or should not get the vote. Much like our presentation of “Politics as Usual” with Mark Twain and Will Rogers, we will explore the issues of the day and see how some arguments in politics have changed little over the years. Tickets for this production will still be $10 per person and ticket sales will begin on line and at the CoBACH one month before the show dates. Show dates are July 12, 13, 19, and 20, 2019 at 7:30 pm; matinee performances will be Sunday July 14 & 21 at 3:00 pm, at the CoBACH Center, 202 West Main Street, here in Brighton.