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For those who may not know it, back in proabition days, there was a speakeasy over on Fonda Lake that was quite popular with some of Detroits most notorius mob type charachters.  The name of the speakeasy was the 'Blue Lantern'......when Brighton's Own Livingston Players decided to begin musical concerts and presentations, we thought it would be a nice gesture to carry on the history of the Blue Lantern and name our music series after it (hint:  if you ever go to WILSON MARINA showroom out on Grand River, read the story on the wall about Mr.Wilson and his'll learn even more about the Blue Lantern history)..... anyway.......... under the heading of Blue Lantern On Main, our group has brought some great performers to the CoBACH building for presentations.  Thru the generosity of our patrons and our sponsors, we have been able to keep our ticket prices low and affordable for the whole family.  

No concerts planned right now, but keep coming back to check out the CURRENT PERFORMANCES section.

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Past performances at Blue Lantern on Main Series

  • Open Mic Lucky draw 2012, 2013,2014

  • Kitty Donohoe with David Mosher  - 
  • The Award Winning Bluegrass master Jason Dennie and local talent Nikki Holland.
  • Craig Porter (and friends) with Fun music of all kinds and local talent Jim Chez.
  • Generations! "Folk Frenzie" music to make you smile and local talent Pete Kleemann.
  • Renowned recording artists and performers Annie and Rod Capps and local talent Trish Lloyd. 
Blue Lantern Co-Chairs Barb Brower & Chris Miller

Blue Lantern Co-Chairs Barb Brower & Chris Miller

Open Mic Night!

Open Mic Night!

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